Conference Presentations

Day 1

Session 1.1 Ruben M. Suarez-Berenguela: International Developments in National Health Financing Systems and Lessons for the Caribbean

Session 1.2 Marc Roberts: Ethical Choices in Health Care Financing

Session 2.1.1 Aruba: National Health Insurance

Session 2.1.2 Antigua & Barbuda: Medical Benefits Scheme

Session 2.1.3 Belize: National Health Insurance

Session 2.1.4 Bermuda: Country Update

Session 2.1.5 Bahamas: The National Prescription Drug Plan

Session 2.2.1 Cayman - BHEC Cayman Islands Update

Session 2.2.2 Jamaica: National Health Fund

Session 2.2.3 Suriname: Update on the National AZV in Suriname

Session 2.2.4 Turks and Caicos: The National Health Insurance Plan

Day 2

Session 3.3.1 BVI: Design of a National Health Insurance System

Session 3.3.2 Curacao: Restructuring of the Health Insurance System

Session 3.3.3 St Maarten: National Health Insurance

Session 3.3.4 Suriname: State Health Insurance Foundation

Session 4.4.1 Lynne Woolridge, Redbridge: Reinsurance

Session 4.4.2 Michelle Jackson, The Argus Group: Medical Reinsurance

Session 4.4.3 Turks & Caicos:The National Health Insurance Plan - Reinsurance

Session 4.4.4_Marcelo Ramella, BMA: Regulating & Supervising Reinsurance - Global Developments

Session 4.4.5_Raphael Barrett: Feasibility of a Regional Health Insurance Mechanism for Caricom

Session 5.5.1 Aruba: National Health Insurance

Session 5.5.2 Cayman Islands' National Insurance Company: Overseas Care Management Strategies

Session 5.5.3 Bahamas: Managing Overseas Medical Care

Session 5.5.4 St Maarten: Care Procurement Overseas

Session 6.1_Jennifer Attride-Stirling, BHeC: National Health Plan: Evidence & Reform Strategy: Bermuda's Experience

Session 6.2_Stanley Lalta, HEU & Charmaine Metivier, UWI: Stakeholder Mapping & Design of an NHI Plan

Day 3

Session 7.1_Gary Austin, IBM: Partnerships & Information Technology

Session 7.7.1_Belize: National Health Insurance Information System

Session 7.7.2_Jamaica: Partnerships & Information Technology for Increased Effectiveness & Cost Efficiency

Session 7.7.3 The Apollo Group: Government of Bermuda Health Insurance Department - Automation & Modernization Project

Session 7.7.4 Advanced Integrated Systems (AIS): Health Financing

Session 8.1 Stanley Lalta, HEU: SSO's Meetings (I-VI) on National Health Financing Initiatives - Progress & What's Next

Session 8.2 Collin Anderson, Bermuda Health Insurance Department: Review & Commentary on Presentations

Session 8.3 Advanced Care Solutions & Insights for Optimization (ACSION): Health Financing